Household Chores Checklist

This checklist is part of the Starter Pack series for OnOtto – a recurring task management app. Use the links in this article to add tasks directly to your OnOtto account

Ah the joys of adulting. Even with a partner or roommates, managing household to-do’s can be it’s own chore. Use this OnOtto starter pack to stay ahead of the mess and not forget the important tasks that are easy to forget or put off for another day.

For each task below you can click to quickly add it to your OnOtto task list, and customize the frequency, owner, and shopping list before saving.

Change Bedsheets and Towels

It’s true and you know it. Image Source

Vacuum/Sweep Floors

Unless you have a robot cat chariot, of course. Image Source

Clean Bathroom

Cover me, I’m going in. Image Source

Take Trash Can to Curb

Never miss your weekly trash pickup again!

And, they’re off! Image Source

Test Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Follow your alarms’ recommended testing frequency – most are once per month. Also vacuum for dust and spray for ants/spiders to prevent false alarms.

Hey, that tickles! Image Source

Change Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Batteries

It’s easy to miss the low battery chirp if you’re out of the house often, so stick to the manufacturer’s recommendation to make sure the alarms have plenty of juice to wake up you and your household in an emergency.

And why is it always at 3am? Image Source

Sharpen Kitchen Knives

Dull knives can make you press too hard and lose control. Save yourself a trip to the emergency department by sharpening your knives regularly. If you need a knife sharpener, they’re fairly inexpensive to get started, like this highly-rated sharpener on

Sorry this caption is so dull.

Clean Oven

Close enough? Image Source


Don’t forget floor boards and smoke alarms!

Squeaky Queen. Image Source

Shop for Groceries

Don’t forget the Fruity Blergs! Image Source

Wash Dishes

You can do better than Jim. Image Source


Maybe that feature will be in the next version? Image Source

What else is on your household chores checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

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