Don’t Forget! Put it OnOtto.

Recurring reminders and help for your home, health, and more!

When’s the last time you cleaned your dryer vent?
Or changed your air filter?

If you’re like most of us, it’s been too long and you may have thought of it at the wrong time to do anything about it. These can add up and cause bigger problems down the road, like early equipment failure and even house fires!

Task Checkbox OnOtto

OnOtto is for:

  • Homeowners and Renters
  • Urban, Suburban, and Rural households
  • Vehicle Owners
  • Parents (and Pet Parents!)
  • Anyone who finds themselves “Adulting”
Visualize your task list and get peace of mind that you’re on top of things!

Never let a calendar reminder let you down again.

Tasks stick around until you complete or reschedule them – not easily ignored like a calendar reminder. Completed tasks automatically set a new reminder for the next interval.

Manage and check your list from anywhere.

Easily add, edit, and complete tasks on mobile or desktop – anywhere with an internet connection. Your task list isn’t stuck on your phone or computer and can be shared with your household to divide and conquer.

Cut down extra trips to the store

Supplies needed for your upcoming tasks are consolidated on your shopping list by store, so you (probably) won’t forget that thing again.

Get some help when you need it

For those tasks you don’t have time or expertise to tackle, it’s as simple as checking a box to get connected with a service provider and get on with your day.

You have a lot to keep track of.
To stay on top of it and get peace of mind,
put it OnOtto.