Getting Started

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This is where all your tasks and reminders will live. It’s easy to manage tasks from your phone, tablet, or computer.

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Add Tasks

Getting your to-do list out of your head and into a tool like OnOtto can alleviate anxiety and clear your mind to be present. Anytime you think of something, just add it to your list – you can always add supplies and update the frequency later. To help get you going, check out the Starter Packs – helpful lists of tasks grouped into topical checklists.

Add Your Household

“Divide and conquer,” or “many hands make light work.” Add your partner, roommates, or other household members to assign tasks and help tackle it together.

While you’re logged into OnOtto, click your avatar image in the top right corner and choose “settings.” On the settings page you can invite others to share your list, and optionally make them an account admin, too.

Check Your Shopping List

Check your OnOtto shopping list when you’re at the store, or headed out, to make sure you have the supplies you need to tackle this week’s to-do’s.

Put it OnOtto

If you’d like to hire a service provider to handle a task for you, just open the task and check “Put it OnOtto.” We’ll match you with a few reputable service providers in your area that would be happy to help.

Happy Tasking!