Home Deep Cleaning Checklist

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Once a quarter to once a year, our homes are due for a thorough cleaning beyond the normal week-to-week wipe downs. Can you remember the last time you’ve done these?

Clean Windows

Cleaning the inside of windows is easy enough, but neglecting the outside can leave you still looking through dirt. Make sure to remove any screens and hose them off, too. Early summer, or beginning of the dry season is a great time to clean the outside of the windows so you can enjoy the clear views for longer.

Clean Oven

Get rid of that burning smell from baked-on spills and splatter. Use self-clean if available, but run it during winter or a cool season because it will get warm in your kitchen for hours afterward. Lemon oil, baking soda, and a non-scratching sponge can help with stubborn spots.

Deep Clean Refrigerator

Discard any forgotten leftovers or expired food, and wipe down or wash the shelves and baskets. Place paper towels in the bottoms of the fruit and veggie drawers for easier clean up next time (or in between deep cleans).

Clean Refrigerator Coils

Your fridge works hard to take care of you and one of the things that makes the job harder is dust build up on the condenser coils. These need to be cleaned about once a year to help your fridge run more efficiently and last longer. Get under the front with a vacuum, then pull out the fridge (be careful of power and water lines), and get the back coils. A stiff bristled brush or toothbrush can help get the hard to reach spaces.

Shampoo Carpet

Your carpet can collect a lot of dirt, dust, and worse, especially if you have kids or pets. Spot clean the high traffic areas, or opt to rent a shampooer or hire out the task every year or three.

Clean Toaster and Microwave

These appliances can get pretty messy if we let them. Once a month, empty the toaster crumb-catcher tray and shake it upside-down over the trash can. Wipe down the microwave with a mild cleaner.

Wipe Out Kitchen Cabinets and Drawers

It’s inevitable – dust, crumbs, drips, and the occasional spill will wind up next to your clean dishes inside your cabinets and drawers. A quick wipe down every 6 months can prevent it from accumulating into an unsightly mess.

What else is on your home deep cleaning checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

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